A real Native American Thanksgiving Nails

Ya'll know how much I love to be themed right?? We I couldn't find any suitable Thanksgiving konad images and I am getting a bit tired of only dots. SO! I found some Native American type images and I am calling these a REAL Thanksgiving nails. I love the colors and the layering of the feathers. It turned out pretty neat!

native american real thanksgiving nails 2
sorry for the blur!

native american real thanksgiving nails 1

native american real thanksgiving nails


  1. Those look great !! Wish I had the talent and patience to that to my own nails. I do good just to get them painted decently...lol..Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. I love the colors, I love the designs, gorgeous and perfect!

  3. I love ur Real Thanksgiving nails ... how did u create the feathers??

  4. These are gorgeous. The best Native themed nails I have seen. Good work lady!


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