Halloween retro witch makeup

I was going to be Samantha from Bewitched for Halloween. I even got a blonde wig! But the wig was not that great. And then I couldn’t keep my witch hate on over my blond wig soooo I just passed out candy as a ‘retro witch’. The eyeliner was EXTREME but it was really fun. Its too band you can’t see my shoes hardly. They were like these: http://www.buy.com/prod/womens-witchy-shoes-in-black-patent-leather/q/loc/64935/209249286.html

In black. So cute! But very tall!! I am already 5’9 so I was sort of teetering! It was a fun and easy costume!

retro witch makeup 4

retro witch makeup 3

retro witch makeup 2

retro witch makeup 1

retro witch makeup


  1. Nice post! I love your pictures and very nice witch makeup. I'd love to share and feature this in my halloween makeup ideas list if you won't mind. Cheers and happy halloween!


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