Eye of the day - Thick Smog Liner with Neutral Makeup

Pretty self explanatory! I used Urban Decay's liquid liner in Smog for this look. I had to use a couple of coats - not because it wasn't opaque but because at first, I couldn't get it as thick as I usually like. I am afraid it may look a little chunky but it wasn't in real life. I think I have worn neutrals for like 10 days straight.. and more coming up! These are all falls eyes here!

thick smog liner neutral makeup

thick smog liner neutral makeup1

thick smog liner neutral makeup 2

thick smog liner neutral makeup 3


  1. love the colors here, and the shimmer
    come follow xoo

  2. This is a good look for you. It would work for any time of the year, but yeah, neutrals are definitely great for the fall.

    If only I could learn to do liquid liner. I do have some and have tried once. It wasn't totally horrible, but not that good either. I guess I'll just keep practicing.


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