Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Review and Katie Pukrick swag!

Have you heard of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab?? They are an awesome perfume company with HUNDREDS of scents!! They sell perfume oils so they are super concentrated and will last you forever. If you watch my review, you will see that I was also very overwhelmed at the number of scents but trust me... once you dip your toe into this company.. you will want to DIVE right in!! I have so many scents I want to try/buy now!
SOOO I pretty much one to full 5ml bottles from Katie Puckrik of KatiePuckrickSmells from youtube! She is one of the BEST perfume reviewers or fumeheads on youtube. She is also quite hilarious!

If you want more details about any of the scents, please watch the reviews I posted on youtube.

black phoenix alchemy lab imps

black phoenix alchemy lab raven moon

black phoenix alchemy lab  eau de ghoul

black phoenix alchemy lab full 5mls

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  1. It's almost too many choices. I went to the website and looked around, but didn't buy anything because who knows where to start. It's probably better to win these in a giveaway and let someone else who knows the fragrances choose for you.

    I can't watch the videos. My computer is getting pretty old and overheats and shuts down any time I try to watch youtube videos.


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