Maryland pictures

here are some pictures from my trip to Maryland two weeks ago. Coming up are some pictures from Chicago from LAST week. Did I mention I'm done with traveling for awhile??

On the plane ride there
snack time 1

pretty sky
exit row

We had left Thursday PM at 3:30 and we didn't get to my grandma's house until 3 AM the next AM - it was a LONG day!
Josh the next AM
josh sleep time

my handprint in my grandma's driveway
i was small

my parents and their dog
mom dad and blue

a cabinet my parents made
parents cabinet

blue the dog in some green grass
blue the dog in green grass

getting ready for a swim
josh pool boy

family dinner at my grandparent's house later that night
family dinner the spread

some of my cousins
serious talks

my grandma showing off her photos
grandmas photos 1

we went to a wedding the next day
Josh and me

first dance
robin dance 2

a picture of the sky I took on that day
Robin's wedding day

I know that was a TON of pics. I still have more to go through. I also still have to edit most of the Chicago pictures. I am really behind on nail pics too :( ughhhh - it is really hard to catch up from being away!

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  1. lol your parents look really cute! i used to live in maryland when i was young young. looks like u had fun.. nice food.. :-D.

    i hate travel now too it used to be fun. u have to pay for everything. get searched for everything.. :-( i usually get something to drink now when i fly.. to relax my nerves. lol


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