July/August Favorites (so far)

Even though it is the middle of August I thought I would try to do another favorites post.

I am enjoying

- my new phone. I got the Droid X right before I went to MD and have been loving it ever since. It is so easy to whip out and find whatever you are looking for. Some of my favorite apps include: Pandora, air horn (LOL I am so easily amused), alchemy (cool fun THIKING game), backgrounds, the barcode scanner, food finder, google sky map, google goggles, ringtone, shazam, and store finder. I can't wait for the update to come out.

-maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation. I have used this almost everyday since I have gotten it. It gives a really nice light coverage and almost feels like tinted moisturizer. I apply it with a sigma Duo Fiber Powder/Blush - F15 brush. It looks really flawless this way.

-leggings and jeggings. Since losing weight none of my regular jeans seem to fit well anymore. Thus, I have resorted to wearing leggings and jeggings because they expand and contract LOL. I got my TALL jeggings from jcpennys ANA line and they are pretty awesome.

-dresses. again for the same reason, dresses are easier to wear while you are losing weight.

- MAC pink bronze pigment. I just acquired this during my recent trip to Chicago but I am loving it. I have worn it on my eyes, cheeks AND lips. It is really gorgeous and a great color to transition to fall.

- Pears. I like to change up my daily banana with a pear instead. pears are great for you and contain a lot of fiber - making you feel fuller!

-reduced fat peanut butter. I eat this on bananas, toast, and nabisco 100 cal chololate covered pretzels - Y U M !!!! be careful not to eat too much though because those calories do add up

- Exercise. this made it onto my list again because it makes me feel AMAZING!! I had a hard time exercising consistently when I was traveling but I did some laps in my parents pool and rode an excercise bike at my grandparents house. When in Chicago, we did a lot walking and I was able to utilize my hotel's workout room. (I am down 26.5 lbs as of yesterday!!)

what are your favorite things?


  1. congrats on your new weight loss! keep up the good work :)

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  3. Gratz on the weight loss !! Awesome that you stuck with it while you were traveling.


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