Chicago trip! (LOTS of pics)

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Chicago. It was pretty fun but rushed. On the way there we almost got into an accident and it super scary. When driving on I 80 on the way there traffic all of a sudden came to a standstill. Luckily, Josh was able to stop in time but the driver behind us didn't realize what was going on until it was too late. Josh switched into the other lane just in the nick of time and the car behind us slammed into the car in front of us. SCARY!! I was a wreck driving the whole time we were there. ANYWAYS. The trip was so my husband could take the second part of his boards - the clinical part. So basically, he needed to go to Chicago to be tested on if he has good clinical examination skills when dealing with pts (He has not received his grade yet but is is pass/fail and he is pretty darn sure he passed). So we stayed in Des Plaines in the Hilton Garden Inn. We stayed there once before and we liked it so much we came back. Stay there if you ever go to Chicago - it is great. We drove up Thursday night, he took the test Friday during the day and then Friday night we went to Navy Pier. We left Saturday AM and went shopping. I got to go to a MAC store and outlet shopping - where I hit up a CCO! Here are a bunch of pictures from that trip.

josh beatriz window

josh room with a view

josh test center

on the ferris wheel
beatriz and josh ferris wheel

view from the ferris wheel
view from ferris wheel 1

view from ferris wheel

chicago from ferris wheel

navy pier ferris wheel 6

navy pier ferris wheel 4

navy pier ferris wheel 3

windy boat navy pier

should i use the other side

I did a hairdo that I later did a tutorial on
fancy pants hair 1 jpg

Josh wanted a picture of his hairdo too
josh wanted a picture of his hair too

We went to superdawg! try the chocolate malt if you go - soooooo sinful and good!!
superdawg menu

super dawgs

josh is happy to get superdawg
Josh superdawg 1

fancy navy pier at night time
navy pier at night

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