Blog makeover

I've given my blog a bit of a makeover. What do you think? On my computer at home it fits fine within the screen parameters but at work and on my laptop the width of the page is a little long. You aren't missing anything though. Also, are my pictures TOO big or do you prefer them that way? I myself love detailed pictures that you are able to click on (even if you CAN see my imperfections!). I have a blog inspired mani coming up soon. Happy Hump day!

- Beatriz

Ps: did anyone check out the senna sale on beauty story? thank goodness there was nothing I wanted hehe. However, Lorac is coming up on haute look....

EDIT: some changes made - I hope you guys like it!! I'm loving this background right now and the colors that go along with it :)


  1. I can't read your archive or blog lists against the background. Change the font to white? That's my only issue with the change.
    Also some of the pink on the main body of text against the tan background is a rather vibrant pink that makes my eyes go booooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

  2. I agree with jaljen. Also the blog title is not sharp, and I get eye fatigue looking at it.

    Other than those things I love the floral background...Super cute!


  3. White colored font on the side, yes. Maybe a few points larger??
    The background is adorable though.

  4. Ditto Laura & jaljen.

    Background is so bright and pretty! Width looks fine to me (viewing on a Macbook, using Firefox). Oh, and I LOVE big pictures. :)

  5. i love the print! it's really nice..!

    However it's distracting.. when trying to see your text!

    can ou make the text bigger.. or bolder.. or a different color.. like black.. or that greenish color in the background.. or maybe that realy bright oraange... and make the text bolder/bigger!

    OR but a background color against the sidebar.. like transparent light white/orange

    sorry for the long post.. I love love love typography/design/ random stuff like that.. haha


I read ALL my comments and appreciate every one! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog :)