This weekend's adventure (not really)

New video - Day in my life - a dog walk and semi-tour of Iowa City

This weekend (like every weekend) we took Franklin and my MIL's dog (Toby) for a walk. I decided to film it this time because it was quite beautiful and I really love these walks. We usually walk for an hour or 3ish miles. The dogs reallllyyy love this time outside as you can tell from their happy faces. Franklin tuckered himself out but he is excused because of his short little legs. He is a trouper though and has never really "quit" or laid down LOL!!

Afterwards, we stopped and got some frozen yogurt (peanut butter and chocolate ice cream for Josh). Then we just drove around in Iowa City for a little bit. Later that night we went out to eat @ Texas Roadhouse and watched some Netflix movies. Perfect Saturday for us (we are pretty chill people).

bonus picture!

Franklin the dacshund on a spoiled dog walk

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