Space-y Dotty Holo using Milani cyberspace

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milani cyberspace4 no flash

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milani cyberspace2

milani cyberspace1

milani cyberspace
This mani reminds me of space or what we picture the future to "look like" (IE shiny clothes, flying cars, etc). A co-worker said it reminded her of winter. I love using my dotting tool to create a fast easy but really put together mani. I used Milani cyberspace and Diamond cosmetics no name silver. For the dots I used a bunch of different colors - white, teal, navy blue, dark gray, silver, and cyberspace.
I am thinking about doing a very small giveaway for reaching 25 followers. I am going to order the prize sometime this weekend. whoo hoo!


  1. This is awesome! Great colors and perfect execution.

  2. I love this and the dotting is excellent! "Space. The final frontier." is what it reminds me of.


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