Diamond Cosmetics and Sally Hansen manis

dc hot summer pink
(camera phone pictures again - excuse the smearing!)

I am starting out with what I am wearing today - Hot Summer Pink by Diamond Cosmetics. This is a camera phone picture as I am blogging from work but you get the idea. I don't think the color is true - this color is more of a beautiful mid tone pink with lots of blue flashes. I totally UNintentionally recreated a mani that I just did - I must really love this particular plate! I even did my ring fingers almost exactly the same. Jeez! Believe me, I do not usually recreate a look so often!
Notice the break on my middle finger :( I had a fight with the recycling and it won :( it doesn't look TOO bad though. Also, for this konad I used their blue pearl special polish - it smeared like a BEEP! This is why I prefer to use regular polish to konad, it is cheaper and works better, IMO.

sea and be seen and hidden treasure
(camera phone pictures again)

Next, Is Sea and be seen layered with Hidden treasures both by Sally Hansen. I started off with a white base (sally hansen insta dri white) and then two coats of Sea and be seen (it is pretty sheer). Then I topped all that with one coat of Hidden treasures. Please... BELIEVE THE HYPE! this polish is totally worth it. Lemming fullfilled!

Lastly, a big BIG thank you to Brooke at
Getchanailsdid for featuring me on "new blog Mondays" and a Big HELLO to all my new followers. I hope this makes me more accountable in frequently posting :)

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  1. Hello! I love the SH combo, it looks very mermaid-y.


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