"daytrip with my sweetheart" weekend

Last Saturday, my husband and I went on a daytrip (he called it a "daytrip with my sweetheart LOL). We only went an hour away to Davenport, IA but it was still fun. We visited lots of places that we do not have in town including a few restaurants.
We first went to Cracker Barrel and my husband got his favorite - mac and cheese! I got their sampler which was pretty good and VERY filling. We then wandered the store and picked up a few things for my MIL for Mother's Day. We got her a tee-shirt (http://www.bee-tees.com/store.html - the BEE positive one) and a rooster rain gauge because she loves roosters.

From there we went.. shopping!! We first went to Marshalls and looked around for a bit. To quote my hubby "I hope you don't spend too much time here because my shopping patience is going to run out quickly" LOL. I picked up a new flat iron (Babybliss 1" ceramic), a shirt, some tie for the hubby, a IPOD car adapter, and some cereal bowls. I was very excited about the bowls because they were clearance and were my grandmother's wedding china pattern (http://tiny.cc/55x7u - Franciscan "Desert Rose") I grew up with this pattern and it makes me so nostalgic.
We then went to Burlington Coat Factory. I haven't been to one in YEARS!! My first job was at Burlington so I know all about their awesome prices and what great finds/deals you can get there. We spent awhile there but didn't pick up much. Hubby got even more ties.

Lastly, we went down to the Mississippi river and took some pictures:

mississippi riverboat
(this is a casino on a riverboat)

mississippi river

mississippi river
(I look so slouched over and cold in this pic! It really was cold though!)

smoke and diamonds grey taupe blue liner eyeshadow
(my makeup that day)

smoke and diamonds grey taupe blue liner eyeshadow
(full face)
There are more pictures on my flickr and twitter!
Overall, it was a nice relaxing fun day. Weekends can be iffy for us due to my husbands schedule (he is a med student) so I am happy that we could spend this time together! Now this weekend.. thats another story!!


  1. Love the eye makeup :-) You two look great together

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Your make up is always so flawless and always looks so wearable! Such a pretty girl you are :) Love the outfit in the full shot, very cute!

  3. Awww the pic of you both together is so cute!

  4. Sweet trip. Glad you didn't shop much. LOL.
    You're gorgeous. You remind me of one of my sisters. :) I only have five of them. :)


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