Diamond cosmetics - Oh, Tiff! and Don't Teal My Heart Away

diamond cosmetics - o tiff! and don't teal my heart away

(picture taken with my phone - this is day TWO!)
I LOVE these colors! These are a few of my first Diamond Cosmetics polishes and I am giving them a thumbs UP!! I first heard about Diamond Cosmetics through Brooke at “Getcha nails did”. I finally had to give in when she broke out that gorgeous color – Hot summer pink. It really is just as beautiful in person as it is in her pics! I will do blogpost on that color soon.

Anyways, back to this mani. When I first got the package I asked my hubby to pick out which color I should do my mani in. He choose Oh, Tiff!. I don’t even know why I asked him because I really wanted to try out Don't Teal My Heart Away. So, a compromise! Even though these colors aren’t super girly or anything I wanted to spice things up with some bows. The ring finger place is M76 and for the rest of the fingers I used M77. I believe these are two of the newer plates. I love them!
The formula of these two polishes were really nice. Of course they are cremes, my favorite! Oh, Tiff! took a two/three coats to become completely opaque while Don’t Teal only took two. The Diamond Cosmetic bottles are a little on the small side with a traditional brush. I would probably repurchase Don’t Teal again – not sure about Oh, Tiff!

Lastly, the staying power is AWESOME!! This is day two and I have not reapplied a topcoat! If I am going to wear a mani for more than a day I usually apply a topcoat to make it last all the way through day two. I am really hard on my hands (I work in a hospital and wash my hands multiple times a day). This is kinda amazing that it has lasted this long without any chips or too much tip wear.

Have you tried Diamond Cosmetics? What do YOU think?


  1. I really like your mani, the konad you've done is also really sweet. I am dying to get a konad some time. I have never tried Diamond Cosmetics.

  2. Hey, I just found your blog from Getcha Nails Did!

    I have 3 Diamond Cosmetics polishes - Chainmail Charm, Hue Are You? and Oh, Tiff!
    I bought Oh, Tiff! For the name but I do really really like the colour.

  3. @Lolitadewdrop - thank you! you need to try konad - it is SOOO addicting!

    @Rebecca - welcome!!

  4. Welcome to the world of nail blogging!! I LOVE your konads and perfectly shaped nails. I have plenty of konad plates - just not the patience to be as creative as you - but you have inspired me!!

    I have added you to my blog roll list on my nail blog: www.levernischocolat.blogspot.com


  5. thank you Audrey - I added you - wondereful manicure process. I learned a lot!!


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