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I just made a confounding discovery... I knew before that many 'mom and pop' makeup companies just repackaged makeup with their own packaging and resold it. I just was reading a blog were "indelible cream shadow" was featured. I am always looking for good MAC dupes for their paintpots so I goggled "indelible cream shadow" and low and behold - repackaged makeup! I bought some cream shadows from madminerals.com and paid $8.99 for each 3 gram jar. This is almost equivalent to the MAC prices (per gram) for their paintpots. I do like the products but I didn’t realize that these were repackaged cream shadows and that multiple makeup companies were selling the same exact product (even using the same NAMES!) all over the internet! This company is selling this product for MORE than a paintpot retails for!! http://www.clearrivercosmetics.com/makeup-eyes-indelible-cream-eye-shadow.html MAC paintpots retail for $16.50 for FIVE grams! CRAZY!! I am not sure if I will repurchase any of these "indelible cream shadows" but buyers beware! I might as well find the main producer of these shadows and cut out the middle man. Thanks for reading my rant!

Upon further research all of these products are done by a private label cosmetics company. If you search for "private label indelible cream shadow" you can see how these products are made and shipped out. It looks like "Indelible cream shadow" is even registered!
I also found this super informative/interesting post done by a fellow beauty blogger:


my two cents about all this?? if you can get it cheaper per gram than MAC go with it. It is a decent product with staying power. If not? stick with MAC for a superior product. /end case. hehe :)

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  1. You make some very good pints, thanks for the informative post!


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