guess what?!

painted lady fingers is having a contest! check it out!!



  1. Dang! I tried to comment on your You Tube video like 4 times & it wont work!

    What a great video - Your eyeshadow looks really nice! What is your lighting situation like? The lighting is perfect.

    For my blog, I am trying to do simple easy nail art that anyone can do.and I hope to foucus on inexpensive polishs available at grocerystores & pharamcies, too!

    Thanks again for this awesome vid♥

  2. You've forgot your email address on my blog sale! PLease go back and list your Paypal email so you can get the palette b4 it's gone! Thanks Poe88

  3. @ Deez Nailz - you are welcome!! thanks for being such an awesome blogger!


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