first post - why I LOVE konad!

I adore my konad! Because I am in a profession where I can't wear crazy nails everyday, every Friday night I sit down and do my weekend konadicure. Here are a few examples:
sky high top cg1
4th of july mani fauxnad #2
cg Spin Me Round fauxnad
cg visit me in prism
konadicure / fauxnadicure milani purple passion color club fashion addict
konadicure lets do it in 3d

ok that was more than a few .. but you can tell.. I LOVE TO KONAD.

I love thinking outside the box and creating new looks that involve more than one stamp.
I love using different color combos to create unique looks.
I love getting compliments on my nails and telling people.. its KONAD!!
I love having designs on my nails that are unusual.
I love the variety of looks you can create from JUST ONE PLATE!
I love how using different colors on the same design gives different looks.
I love how EASY it is to use and how even a child just getting into nail art can use a Konad.
I love how my grandma compliments my nails when I have a konadicure on.
I love showing my friends and family exactly how I created my nail art.
I love how the plates will last forever!
I love looking through my binder of plates and imagining new looks.
I love how their are plates for almost every holiday.
I love how there are theme plates (Hawaii, astrology, etc)
I love my KONAD!!!

I really could go on and on.

So this is my entry for

KonADDICT's blog giveaway


Some lucky follower is going to get
The B Kit
which includes:
* 4 Image Plates * 3 Special Polishes (11 mL / 0.35 Fl.Oz) * 1 Stamp * 1 Scraper
Image Plates:
M4, M8, M15, M21

I want that lucky follower to be ME!!!

I have been reading KonADDICT since almost the beginning. I found her on Getchanailsdid blog and feel in love with her designs! I love the use of muli images and her color combos! She really thinks outside the box!



  1. Oh wow!! This is really cool stuff!! i wish i could do stuff like that

  2. thank you miss odukoyaxx :)


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